Selecting a Project Methodology to Fit Your Organization’s Needs

by Casey Ayers

Project teams are central to how organizations generate new value. But project teams may work together to create that value in many different ways. This course explores how you can design an approach that empowers your team to achieve its goals.

What you'll learn

Project teams work together to generate new value for organizations. But how project teams work together may vary greatly from one situation to the next. In this course, Selecting a Project Methodology to Fit Your Organization’s Needs, you’ll learn how to devise an approach to project work that empowers your team to best meet its objectives. First, you’ll learn how various project, stakeholder, and organizational factors can influence a project team’s approach. Next, you’ll discover how existing frameworks, methodologies, and team archetypes can serve as a foundation for your efforts to create a winning plan. Finally, you’ll explore how factors ranging from regulatory oversight to contracting with partners can impact the methods we choose and tailor to complete project work. By the end of this course, you’ll gain an understanding of the spectrum of project methodologies and feel more confident in selecting and tailoring an approach that best fits your organization’s needs.

About the author

Casey has experience leading projects, analyzing challenges, and designing solutions in many fields, including healthcare, digital media, mobile app development and education. He's always in pursuit of new knowledge and loves to share what he learns along the way with others. To inquire about speaking engagements or consulting opportunities, and to learn more about his other ventures, visit

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