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Building Dashboards from Prometheus Data in Grafana

by Chris Green

Well crafted dashboards offer key insights to users quickly and efficiently. This course will teach you to build useful dashboards with Prometheus data in Grafana.

What you'll learn

Useful dashboards don’t happen by accident. To make the most of your Prometheus data, you need to know how to design them with a purpose and the user in mind. In this course, Building Dashboards from Prometheus Data in Grafana, you’ll learn to create dashboards that generate value from raw data. First, you’ll explore how to connect Grafana to Prometheus and build simple panels. Next, you’ll discover how to leverage human perception and observability strategies. Finally, you’ll learn how to move beyond manual creation of dashboards, through sharing, importing, and automation. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of dashboard design needed to create highly valuable visualizations.

About the author

Chris is a Security Engineer, who has been variously employed as a DevOps Engineer, Developer, Data Engineer and Infrastructure Analyst. He has extensively studied Cyber Security and holds an MSc in Computing from Cardiff University in the UK. Chris believes the best way to learn is to teach, which is why you find him here on Pluralsight.

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