Protocol Deep Dive: ICMP

by Nick Russo

Cut through today's hype surrounding fancy troubleshooting tools and achieve brilliance in the basics with this ICMP deep dive. You'll master using ICMP for network administration in both IPv4 and IPv6 environments.

What you'll learn

Modern networks are becoming larger and more complex. In this course, Protocol Deep Dive: ICMP, you will gain clarity on the basics of ICMP to use it for network administration in many environments. First, you will learn core ICMP troubleshooting tools, such as ping and traceroute. Next, you will discover how to identify packet fragmentation and secure networks in harmony with ICMP. Finally, you will explore how IPv6 Neighbor Discovery really works while also sharpening your IPv6 ICMP troubleshooting skills. Throw in a bit of IPv6 network security and you'll be much better prepared for your next big IPv6 rollout. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of ICMP as a protocol needed to effectively operate, maintain, and troubleshoot enterprise and carrier-grade networks.

Table of contents

Course Overview

About the author

Nick Russo, CCDE #20160041 and CCIE #42518, is your go-to-guy for all things networking and automation. Nick loves training online and speaking at industry conferences sharing his expertise.

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