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Pluralsight LIVE 2018: Get Your Geek On (IT Operations)

by Pluralsight LIVE

Hear the latest on the world of IT ops from leading experts at LIVE.

What you'll learn

Hear the latest on the world of IT ops from leading experts. Elton Stoneman and Marcel de Vries share their insights on containerization and release schedules in these LIVE sessions.

Table of contents

Why Containers Will Take over the World with Elton Stoneman
From One Release per Quarter to 30 Times a Day with Marcel De Vries

About the author

Pluralsight LIVE is the ultimate gathering of industry experts, business leaders and change-makers. As Pluralsight's annual user conference, LIVE is where technologists from around the world come together to look into the future and prepare for the challenges and opportunities ahead. Subject matter experts share their insights on emerging trends, innovative business leaders talk about their breakthrough strategies, and Pluralsight specialists show users how to leverage the platform to reach thei... more

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