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Pluralsight LIVE 2018: Level-up Your Leadership

by Pluralsight LIVE

Good leaders are always learning. Watch sessions from the tech world’s most impactful leaders to learn how to steer your teams in the right direction.

What you'll learn

The best leaders don’t come ready-made. They’re built through learning, experience, and care. Check out these LIVE sessions from brilliant technology leaders to find out how you can become a more impactful leader, with lessons on hiring better, maximizing employee potential, solving problems more effectively, making a positive difference in the world, and more.

Table of contents

Build a Better Hiring Process with Design Thinking with Crystal Yan
Aligning Business and IT Strategies with Casey Ayers
From Developer to Manager: Things You Should Know Before Making the Jump with Amy Dredge
Collective Impact in the Humanitarian Sector with Leila Toplic, Suha Syouf, Lindsay Cope Bouchelle, and Lindsey Kneuven
Every Problem Is a Scaling Problem: Leading Change in High-growth Environments with Brian Garofola
Preparing Your Organization for Emerging Technologies with Jason Miller
32mins Closing the Gender Leadership Gap with Bekah Thayer
Get the Most out of Your Product Manager with Emily Tate
Understanding Modern Cloud Architecture with Roland Guijt
Transforming Digital Talent with Heather Whiteman
Managing for Autonomy: How to Lead Teams without Telling Them What to Do with Maureen Botoman
Unmask Secrets of Your Business with Event Storming with Julie Lerman
Rebooting Your Agile Transformation Using Empathy with Benjamin Day
Untangling Your Enterprise Software with Edward Curren
Your Customers Hate You (And Other Lies) with Heather Wilde
Cryptocurrency: Is Your Business Cashing in on the Money of the Future? with Julie Christ, Leslie Pico, and Evelyn Hytopoulos
Better Every Day: Growing a Learning Culture at Target with Joel Crabb

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Pluralsight LIVE is the ultimate gathering of industry experts, business leaders and change-makers. As Pluralsight's annual user conference, LIVE is where technologists from around the world come together to look into the future and prepare for the challenges and opportunities ahead. Subject matter experts share their insights on emerging trends, innovative business leaders talk about their breakthrough strategies, and Pluralsight specialists show users how to leverage the platform to reach thei... more

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