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Pluralsight LIVE 2019: Breakouts (Skills Development)

by Pluralsight LIVE

Learn how to reach goals faster with these skills-focused sessions.

What you'll learn

Better leverage the Pluralsight platform to align skills development with your personal and organizational objectives, so you can reach goals faster and maximize your success.

Table of contents

Messaging Matters: How We Built a Data-Driven Engineering Culture at Pluralsight with Alisa Sheyn
Help Your Teams Create a Learning Habit with Amy Irvine
More Than the Sum of Our Skills: A Panel on Modern Tech Skills Development with Anita Grantham, Rose Sheldon, Melanie Mitsch, Caitlin Mann, Nikki Veit
How to Create a Healthy Learning Culture and a Safe Environment to Learn, Grow and Collaborate with Anna Mikhova, Alex Cline, Lauren Gray, Bhavika Shah
Build Your Enterprise Training Playbook with Anthony Gregorio, Christina Mehr, George Boone
Leveraging Metrics to Empower Engineering Organizations with Pluralsight with Brian Clausen, Liz Blair
Building Learning Experiences that Captivate Learners and Secure Institutional Memory with Casey Ayers: Teaching Your Techniques
Creating Transparency with Learning Data with Chris Petzy
Deconstructing The Home Depot's Technology Bootcamp with George Boone, John Kay, Kevin Igarashi-Ball, Zack Kirchin
What Fuels Our Engine? Under the Hood With Pluralsight’s Content and Curriculum Team with Meghan Manfre, Kate Petersen, Jessie Mauser
Power Skills for Innovation with Lauren Mason Carris
The CIO of the Future: Are you ready? With Lindsay Bayuk and Karenann Terrell
How to Be the Dumbest Person in the Room: Making Complex Ideas Less Terrifying and More Relatable with Minna Wang
Combining Tech + Business Strategies to Improve the Customer Experience with Scott Root, Roberta Dombrowski
Taking your Team’s Cloud Skills to the Next Level with Rochana Golani
5 Common Myths about Innovation in the Public Sector with Saad Bashir, Mike Hussey, Tanya Hannah: Myth-busted
Workshop: Aligning Skill Development to Real Business Goals with Sam Pena
Lessons Learned Building a Global Technology Organization with Shawn Malhotra
Leaders Leading Leaders in Today’s Modern Digital Industry with Tristan Roque

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Pluralsight LIVE is the ultimate gathering of industry experts, business leaders and change-makers. As Pluralsight's annual user conference, LIVE is where technologists from around the world come together to look into the future and prepare for the challenges and opportunities ahead. Subject matter experts share their insights on emerging trends, innovative business leaders talk about their breakthrough strategies, and Pluralsight specialists show users how to leverage the platform to reach thei... more

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