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Pluralsight LIVE 2019: Breakouts (Software Development)

by Pluralsight LIVE

So much software. So little time. Revisit the LIVE sessions that cut through the noise.

What you'll learn

LIVE speakers shared their insights on everything from Salesforce to blockchain and Docker to CI/CD. Catch what you missed or revisit what you loved to ensure you’re heading in the direction you want to go when it comes to software.

Table of contents

2.5 Years of Mob Programming with Allan Stewart
Blockchain for Business Growth: Use Crypto to Increase Revenue, Efficiency, and Consumer Engagement with Evelyn Hytopolous & Boyd Wold
CI/CD: Not Just Deploying More Often with David Torgerson
The State of Modern Web Development with Deborah Kurata, Hampton Paulk, Jonathan Mills, Joe Eames
Progressive Web Apps 101 with Frances Coronel
Black Box Blueprints: Visualize your Business Domain with Lean Flow principles with Jenny Carlston
Contributability: Using SRE Principles to Create Better Open Source Community with Johanna Ratliff
One Language Isn't Enough with Jon Middleton
Absolute Beginner's Guide to Docker with Jonathan Turner
How Bots and AI are transforming Healthcare in the US with June Cho
Beyond Bitcoin, Bros, and Lambos: A Deep Dive into The Real Blockchain Revolution Lindsay Nuon
Take Control of Your Data – How Blockchain Technology Enables Secure Cloud Storage with Manasi Vora
Iterating on Lean Process with Maureen Botoman
Git as Blockchain with Michael Perry
Get Your Organization Ready for the Cloud Journey with Omar Khan
Specialization is for Insects": Being a Better Generalist with Simon Allardice

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Pluralsight LIVE is the ultimate gathering of industry experts, business leaders and change-makers. As Pluralsight's annual user conference, LIVE is where technologists from around the world come together to look into the future and prepare for the challenges and opportunities ahead. Subject matter experts share their insights on emerging trends, innovative business leaders talk about their breakthrough strategies, and Pluralsight specialists show users how to leverage the platform to reach thei... more

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