Developing Python 3 Apps with Docker

by Steven Haines

Moving from a traditional architecture to a containerized architecture can be intimidating. This course will teach you how to use Docker and Docker Compose to build and deploy highly scalable Python applications.

What you'll learn

Building highly scalable Python applications in a microservices-based architecture can be challenging. In this course, Developing Python Apps with Docker, you'll learn how to run highly scalable Python applications in Docker containers. First, you'll explore how to create a Dockerfile and containerize a Python application. Next, you'll discover how to create and connect multiple docker containers together using Docker Compose. Finally, you'll learn how to make your application production-ready and debug it while it's running in a container. When you're finished with this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge of using Python with Docker that is needed to build robust and scalable Python applications in Docker.

About the author

Steven Haines has worked as a software architect for the last twenty years, most recently as a principal software architect at Turbonomic, focused on their cloud offering. He spent seven years in various architect roles at Disney, beginning as a technical architect on Disney's MyMagic+ program and finishing his tenure as a lead solution architect and principal application architect, overseeing large projects ranging from rolling out Disney Shanghai, replacing the online ticket sales website for ... more

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