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Python 3: Beyond the Basics

by Austin Bingham and Robert Smallshire

Python – Beyond the Basics deepens and broadens your knowledge of Python, a dynamic language popular for web development, big data, science, and scripting.

What you'll learn

Python – Beyond the Basics builds directly on the foundations laid in our introductory Python course, Python Fundamentals. Python is a great dynamic language for:

  • Web development
  • Big data
  • Science
  • Scripting
In this course we add breadth and depth to your Python skills, learning the topics you'll need to create robust and readable applications of any size.

On completing this course, you'll be familiar with the majority of Python techniques and constructs used in Python programs. Crucially, we'll also advise you on when – and when not – to use the different tools available in Python to best effect, to maximize the quality of your code, your productivity, and the joy inherent in coding in Python.

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Course FAQ

What advanced Python topics will be covered?

We will dive into packages, extended call syntax, Lambdas, closures and decorators, properties and class methods, numeric and scalar types, inheritance and subtype polymorphism, introspection, and much more.

What is the main takeaway from this course?

You should walk away from this intermediate Python course being familiar with the majority of Python techniques and concepts used in Python programs. You should have the tools necessary to write the best quality Python code.

How long is this course?

Total duration of the course is almost 7.5 hours, but it should take a bit longer than that if you are following with a more hands on approach, writing and executing code as you follow along, experimenting, testing, troubleshooting, and so forth. You should take all the time you need in order to grasp the concepts being presented.

Are there prerequisites to this course?

Yes. This course should be taken after you already have an understanding of Python basics, as it builds upon the fundamentals, and assumes you already have some experience with Python. If you still need to learn the basics, or just need a refresher, check out our Python Fundamentals course.

About the authors

Austin is a founding director of Sixty North, a software consulting, training, and application development company. A native of Texas, in 2008 Austin moved to Stavanger, Norway where he helped develop industry-leading oil reservoir modeling software in C++ and Python. Prior to that he worked at National Instruments developing LabVIEW, at Applied Research Labs (Univ. of Texas at Austin) developing sonar systems for the U.S. Navy, and at a number of telecommunications companies. He is an ex... more

Robert Smallshire is a founder of Sixty North, a software product and consulting business in Norway. Robert has worked in senior architecture and technical management roles for software companies in the energy sector processing the masses of information flowing from today's digital oil fields. He has designed, and implemented effective architectures for sophisticated scientific and enterprise software in Python, C++, and C#. Robert is a regular speaker at conferences, meetups and corporate softw... more

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