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Python Desktop Application Development: Part 2 - Design

by Bo Milanovich

See how to use a powerful WYSIWYG tool called QtDesigner to create beautiful applications using Python and Qt.

What you'll learn

In Part 2 of the Python Desktop Application Development course, the focus is primarily set on the design and the user experience. In this course we will use QtDesigner, a WYSIWYG tool that will enable us to create beautiful applications with ease. We will implement icons, style our buttons, and familiarize ourselves with some more advanced UI elements, as well as some features of Qt such as the splash screen, system tray icon, and notifications.

About the author

Originally from Serbia, Bo - Bogdan - started his own software development company at a very young age. He later moved to the United States to pursue studies. As he is finishing up his post-graduate degree, Bo is a full time senior software developer for a Fortune 500 company. He currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. When it comes to programming, he is completely self-taught: this is why one of his main goals is to teach others. Bo shows the power of Python which is often mistaken for "j... more

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