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Financial Management: Automate Forecasting in Python 3

by Victoria Clark

Learn one of the key concepts of Financial Management: financial forecasting, and how to automate key steps in your forecasting process with Python.

What you'll learn

Automate Financial Forecasting tasks with Python. In this course, Automate Forecasting in Python 3, you will learn how to automate key steps of the Financial Forecasting process. First, you will learn core Financial Management concepts, including the importance of big data in building a forecast. Next, you will discover how to use Python to collect data from different sources, including external APIs and how to use Python to clean data for use. Finally, you will explore how to ensure your data is up to date using SQLite and Python, and how to visually express your forecast in Python. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of building a relevant forecast that is automated by Python. Software required: Juypiter Notebook, SQLite, Python 3.6 or later

About the author

Victoria Clark is a Financial Management Consultant with a background in Finance projects and systems, especially facilitating workshops and education on developments in her field, and has a great interest in new technologies, especially how Finance is evolving due to automation and the role of Finance in the Digital Age. Born in South Africa she is currently living in the Netherlands and enjoys writing, learning new topics and spending time with family.

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