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Introduction to Python for IT Pros and Sysadmins

by Ed Freitas

Leverage the power of Python. This course will teach you the essential Python skills and knowledge needed to automate IT ops and sysadmin tasks.

What you'll learn

Discover the transformative potential of Python in streamlining IT operations and system administration, In this course, Introduction to Python for IT Pros and Sysadmins, you'll learn to leverage the power of Python to streamline your IT operations and system administration tasks. First, you'll explore the basics of Python programming, even if you have no prior coding experience. Next, you'll discover how Python can be used to automate common IT tasks, such as interacting with the operating system, network programming, and working with APIs. Finally, you'll learn how to extract and analyze data from websites, manage databases, and build automation scripts tailored to your specific needs. When you're finished with this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge of Python required to automate tasks, enhance productivity, and improve efficiency in your IT operations and system administration.

About the author

Eduardo is a technology enthusiast, software architect and customer success advocate. He's designed enterprise .NET solutions that extract, validate and automate critical business processes such as Accounts Payable and Mailroom solutions for all types of organizations. He's designed and supported production systems for global names such as Coca Cola, Enel, Pirelli, Fiat-Chrysler, Xerox and many others. He's a well-known specialist in the Enterprise Content Management market segment, specifically... more

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