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Getting Started with Python on SQL Server

by Gerald Britton

Python has recently become a favorite of data scientists because of its gentle learning curve and extensive data analysis and machine learning libraries. This course covers how to install, manage, and use Python on SQL Server for machine learning.

What you'll learn

At the core of using Python for data analysis and machine learning in SQL Server is a thorough knowledge of how SQL Server implements external scripting, which includes Python programs. In this course, Getting Started with Python on SQL Server, you'll learn the fundamentals of SQL Server machine learning with a focus on Python. First, you’ll learn how to install SQL Server with support for machine learning in Python. Next, you’ll explore the three principle methods of harnessing this new power and how to run Python programs both in a database and on the desktop. Finally, you’ll discover how to secure, monitor, and manage the usage of Python on SQL Server. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have a foundational knowledge that will help you as you move forward to use Python with SQL Server as a data scientist or monitor and manage it as a DBA.

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About the author

Gerald Britton is a Pluralsight author and expert on Python programming practices and Microsoft SQL Server development and administration.  A multiple-year of the Microsoft MVP award, Gerald has led introductory classes in Python and SQL for industry-sponsored events at Ryerson University, Toronto and the University of Toronto (his alma mater). 

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