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Quantum Computing Fundamentals

by Kevin James

This course will teach you the essentials of quantum computing, from qubits to quantum algorithms, opening doors to a cutting-edge technological frontier.

What you'll learn

Quantum computing is a new and evolving field and there is a real need to understand more about it. In this course, Quantum Computing Fundamentals, you'll learn the fundamental differences between classical and quantum computing and how it can be used. First, you'll explore Qubits and Quantum Phenomena. Next, you'll discover quantum circuits, and understand the various quantum gates used to manipulate qubits. Finally, you'll learn how to implement quantum algorithms in popular quantum computing frameworks. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of quantum computing needed to prepare you for further exploration or practical application in this revolutionary field.

About the author

As a seasoned technologist with over 30 years of wide-ranging expertise in information technology roles across diverse industries, Kevin is passionate about finding effective and economical solutions to business problems. His passion for teaching technical subjects allows him to have a particular style that imparts information yet teaches at the same time. He enjoys working with Linux, Unix and Windows Operating Systems and combined with a deep knowledge of software platforms as varied as Ap... more

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