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Query Caching Performance Features with Snowflake

by Rushabh Doshi

This course will teach you the end-to-end Snowflake architecture and how it addresses the needs for different data processing, storing, and analytics requirements.

What you'll learn

Data querying needs have evolved as organizations have acquired structured and unstructured data. In this course, Query Caching Performance Features with Snowflake, you’ll learn to evaluate multiple data and querying needs of an organization. First, you’ll explore the end-to-end Snowflake architecture. Next, you’ll discover different components of Snowflake. Finally, you’ll learn how to master the caching mechanism to answer the query with results in no time without any latency. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of caching architecture in Snowflake needed to drive down latency for efficient querying.

About the author

Rushabh Doshi is an Artificial Intelligence/AWS/Azure/GCP cloud architect with extensive experience in DevOps, NoSQL Databases like MongoDB, Cassandra.He is an orator/speaker/tech evangelist, have participated in several tech events/seminars, conducted trainings across Europe/US and Asia Pac.He is one of the first few certified cloudera big data professional with extensive experience in Apache Flink, Spark, Hadoop and ELK stack. He has over 14 years of consulting, training, designing and archite... more

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