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Query Data by Using Azure Synapse Analytics - DP-500

by Nikola Ilic

Providing insight from data should be a quick and straightforward process. This course will teach you how to write efficient queries against the data stored in Azure Synapse Analytics pools.

What you'll learn

Providing insight from data should be a fast and efficient process. In this course, Query Data by Using Azure Synapse Analytics - DP-500, you’ll learn to perform exploratory data analysis in Azure Synapse Analytics. First, you’ll discover the key components of the Azure Synapse Analytics platform. Next, you’ll understand how to leverage various file types to explore the data from serverless SQL pools, and how to query the relational data stored in dedicated SQL pool. Finally, you’ll learn how to use a machine learning PREDICT function to take your queries to another level. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the foundational understanding of the data exploration process in Azure Synapse Analytics that will enable you to explore and query the data in Azure Synapse Analytics and get you ready for the DP-500 exam.

About the author

Nikola Ilic is an officially Business Intelligence Developer, focusing on Microsoft Data Platform technologies, especially Power BI - but “off the record” he is a data fanatic, interested in everything related to extracting meaningful information from the raw data. Nikola is self-proclaimed "Data-Mozart". As he lives in the wonderful city of Salzburg, Austria, which is well-known as the birthplace of W.A.Mozart, he was brave enough to use the composer's last name as part of his nickname. That'... more

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