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Querying Data from MongoDB

by Dan Geabunea

MongoDB is a popular and trending technology. In fact, it occupies the 5th position in database usage. By the end of this course you will learn how to tackle most aspects related to filtering, sorting and displaying data in MongoDB.

What you'll learn

MongoDB occupies the 5th position in database usage, making it a popular and trending technology. In this course, Querying Data from MongoDB, you will learn how to efficiently create Mongo DB queries. First, you will explore using the Mongo shell to connect to Mongo servers and write database queries. Next, you will discover how to filter data by using the most common query operators. Then, you will move on to implementing sorting, paging and field selection. Beyond this, you will learn how to write complex queries such as nested documents or geospatial data. Finally, you will gain an understanding on handling edge cases caused by the schema-less nature of MongoDB, such as null values, missing fields or queries by data type, as well as querying array fields. By the end of this course, you should feel confident tackling a wide range of queries in real MongoDB databases. In fact, you will be able to use these skills in real projects right away.

About the author

I'm a passionate software developer and mentor with a decade of experience building mission-critical software applications in banking, air traffic management, maritime safety, and identity management. Nothing satisfies me more than providing value to customers while building robust software solutions that are easy to maintain and evolve. I love sharing my skills and experience with others. I started to publish coding tutorials on YouTube in 2015, and became a Pluralsight author in 2018.

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