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Querying Data with SQL Server

by Mihaela Danci

In this course, you’ll learn essential skills that are needed to become proficient in querying data using T-SQL including logical query execution, creating single table queries to filter and aggregate data, and combining data from multiple tables.

What you'll learn

SQL is a fundamental skill in data management and data analysis that empowers you to handle complex scenarios with ease.

In this course, Querying Data with SQL Server, you’ll gain the ability to extract, manipulate, and analyze data required to unlock valuable insights.

First, you’ll learn the structure and basic components of an SQL query.

Next, you’ll discover how to retrieve data from one or multiple tables while performing calculations on groups of rows.

Finally, you’ll explore more advanced ways of retrieving data by working with subqueries, common table expressions, and window functions.

When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the SQL skills and knowledge needed to uncover hidden insights in your data.

About the author

As a data analyst enthusiast, Mihaela has special interests in translating vision into action using end-to-end data analysis. She is very passionate about teaching and resolving real-world business problems. Her greatest joy is learning new data exploration techniques and pushing the boundaries of data analytics. Mihaela has a bachelor’s degree in economic cybernetics and in her spare time she loves to travel and dance.

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