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Quixel Suite 2.2, DDO Essentials

by Zaheer Mukhtar

Learn in-depth DDO from Quixel Suite 2.2. This course will take you through the complete process, quickly creating PBR textures and materials for your game or film projects. Required Software: Quixel Suite 2.2.

What you'll learn

Have you ever needed to quickly texture assets? This course, Quixel Suite 2.2, DDO Essentials, will show you the process of creating PBR (physically-based rendering) textures and materials. You will start by applying color IDs to your detailed, 3D unwrapped model in any 3D application and then export it to DDO. You will then learn how to easily and realistically texture your model in short order by using some of the PBR textures from thousands of scanned textures inside 3DO. You will also learn how to use different masking techniques to add multiple layers of details such as dirt, moss, or scratches on your model's surface. After completing this course, you'll know the basics and advanced features that you can apply to your model to create high-quality renders of your model for presentation. Required Software: Quixel Suite 2.2.

About the author

Zaheer Mukhtar is a VFX and 3D artist. He started working in the 3D field in 1999 as a hobby. He later received recognition on a national level by winning several awards for his short films during his student life. He has a Masters in Computer Sciences but chose to carry on as an artist. He has worked on many games as a Lead Artist and has created cinematics for several mobile games. For the last couple of years, he has worked as a Lead 3D Artist and Game Designer. Currently he is working as a f... more

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