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RabbitMQ for .NET Developers - Part 1

by Michael Stephenson

This course will provide an introduction to RabbitMQ for .Net developers

What you'll learn

RabbitMQ is one of the main players in the messaging area and has gained a solid reputation as a highly scalable and reliable messaging system with support for the AMQP protocol. In this course we will look at the messaging solution offered by RabbitMQ and how a .Net developer can begin to use it

About the author

Michael is an independent integration and cloud specialist based in the UK. He is primarily focused around integration technologies in the Microsoft integration platform such as BizTalk, Windows Azure, and a number of other open source offerings. Michael has many years of technical leadership and coaching experience and has worked with customers to deliver a number of complex real-world hybrid integration solutions connecting business partners and SAAS applications to an organizations on-premise... more

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