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Rails 4.1 Performance Fundamentals

by Brian Morearty

Speed up your Ruby on Rails 4.1 (and 4.0 and 3.2) applications. This course covers profiling techniques; making fewer, faster, database queries; Russian Doll caching; Turbolinks and more.

What you'll learn

Speed up your Ruby on Rails 4.1 applications. With the help of some gems, all techniques in this course can also be used in Rails 3.2 apps. This course teaches pragmatic, Rails-specific techniques to profile performance, find and fix slow database queries, get alerted automatically whenever you create an N+1 query, and simulate latency and low bandwidth. You'll also learn to take advantage of the browser's cache with ETags or time-based expiration, set up Memcached for server-side caching, speed up view rendering with fragment caching, cache nested fragments with Russian Doll caching, and use Turbolinks and pjax to give a multi-page app the responsiveness of a single-page app.

Table of contents

About the author

Brian Morearty is a Ruby on Rails consultant and an entrepreneur. He has been programming in Rails since 2007 and has created and taught classes and seminars on Rails, Docker, CoffeeScript, Flex, and other technical topics. He is the co-founder of Docker Inc.'s training partner, Hands on with Docker. He has been a volunteer instructor at RailsBridge. He was a Staff Software Engineer at Intuit for 12 years, where he was the Tech Lead and Code Champion of the QuickBooks UI engineering team. He ... more

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