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React 18 with Create-React-App Playbook

by Zachary Bennett

Create-React-App is a powerful tool that can help you to become productive with React fast! This course will teach you the basics of create-react-app so that you can create, modify, and configure React applications..

What you'll learn

Create-React-App is a popular tool for bootstrapping new React applications and can help you to get up and running with React in seconds. In this course, React 18, Create-React-App Playbook, you’ll learn how to use create-react-app to get started using React quickly. First, you’ll explore how to create new React applications and learn the basic structure of a new application. Next, you’ll discover how to modify an existing create-react-app application. Finally, you’ll learn how to build and configure an application created via create-react-app . When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of create-react-app needed to build React applications!

About the author

Zach is currently a Lead Software Developer at OpalSoft where he uses tools such as Scala, TypeScript, Python, Docker, Node, and Angular. Zach has a passion for GIS programming along with open-source software. You can view some of his work on GitHub ( and Stack Overflow (

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