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Managing State in React 18

by Cory House

This course will teach you how to implement many types of React state including local, global, refs, context, derived, and more. You'll learn how to choose between types of state, how to derive state, and how to share state between components.

What you'll learn

A typical React app declares literally dozens of pieces of state, and in React, there's a surprising number of options for effectively handling this state. In this course, Managing State in React 18, you’ll learn how to effectively declare state to create rich, interactive React apps. First, you’ll discover eight ways to handle state in React apps. Next, you’ll explore how to manage each of these types of states, including route state, component state, and refs. Finally, you’ll learn when to consider global state via context and third-party state libraries. When you’ve finished this course, you’ll have the skills to build complex, interactive React apps in the real world.

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About the author

Cory is the principal consultant at, where he has helped dozens of companies transition to React. Cory has trained over 10,000 software developers at events and businesses worldwide. He is a seven time Microsoft MVP, and speaks regularly at conferences around the world. Cory lives in Kansas City and is active on Twitter as @housecor.

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