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Secure Coding in React

by Paul Mooney

React is used to build mission critical applications handling sensitive data. This course will teach you how to implement the highest level of security requirements and defenses recommended by OWASP in your React applications.

What you'll learn

Are you ready to enhance your skills in web security? This course, Secure Coding in React, is tailor-made for intermediate learners who want to excel in web security. You'll learn advanced methods to set up robust, high-level security defenses in your React web applications. We start with an intensive look at one common type of attack: cross-site scripting (XSS). We'll break down each XSS attack vector and teach you how to secure your web applications, using plenty of practical, demo-based examples. Then, we'll discuss the major vulnerabilities that can affect web applications. You'll learn the theory behind each one, and how to add protective systems to a sample web application, using detailed demonstrations. Finally, we'll study the OWASP Top 10, examining each threat closely. Even though only some of these threats are directly related to React 18 development, it's crucial to understand all of them so you can design effective threat mitigation controls.

About the author

Paul is an accomplished cybersecurity expert known for building military-grade security systems and developing robust protection against malicious bots. As Chief Software Architect for a major US healthcare group, Paul excels in implementing secure solutions for critical environments. With his knowledge and hands-on experience, you will gain practical insights to construct cutting-edge security systems and defend against evolving cyber threats. By watching Paul's courses, you will acquire the sk... more

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