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Server Component Fundamentals in React 18

by Peter Kellner

This course will teach you how React Server Components can improve the quality of your React apps and architecture.

What you'll learn

Good app design means fewer bugs, lower maintenance costs, and happier users. In this course, Server Component Fundamentals in React 18, you’ll learn about React Server Components and how you can use them to provide a better user experience. First, you’ll dive into the technology behind server components so that using them makes sense. Next, you’ll explore how to build Server Components that work with async data sources. Finally, you’ll learn how to incorporate Server Components in a real-world app so that your apps provide great browser user experiences and are easy to build. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have all the knowledge and tools necessary to build apps with React Server and Client Components that provide excellent and performant UIs for your users.

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About the author

Peter is an independent software consultant, specializing in .NET development from 1985 through 2001, as well as an MVP since 2006. He was founder and president of Tufden Inc, where he successfully delivered systems for clinic scheduling, insurance company management and medical claim processing. His solutions included delivering a turnkey medical office management system to over 500 customers nationwide. His passion for the computer dates back to elementary school when he joined his first compu... more

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