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Styling Apps in React 18

by Jake Trent

You want your React apps to be beautiful. This course will teach you two elegant solutions for styling your React apps.

What you'll learn

Have you ever wanted to make your React apps look awesome, leading to a professional reputation, with millions of eager users and a site so beautiful that it could stand alongside the CSS zen gardens of yore? So have we all. In this course, Styling Apps in React 18, you’ll learn to use CSS and React to make beautiful applications. First, you’ll explore the decisions to be made when styling your app. Next, you’ll discover which methods fit React particularly well. Finally, you’ll learn how to apply those skills to a real-world project. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of styling React apps needed to produce the look and feel best suited to the apps you write.

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About the author

He's a creator at heart, making art, music and software. He's been privileged to work with talented teams and contribute to great causes and useful products and hopes to do more of it.

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