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Building React Apps with TypeScript

by Mat Warger

TypeScript enables React applications to be developed with fewer bugs by catching them at compile-time instead of run-time. This course will teach you how to effectively use TypeScript to create robust web applications.

What you'll learn

Building complex modern web applications with React can be prone to errors. In this course, Building React Apps with TypeScript, you’ll learn to leverage TypeScript to develop React applications that provide type-checking at compile-time to help avoid run-time errors. First, you’ll explore how to get TypeScript working in an existing React application (and see how to start one from scratch). Next, you’ll discover how to declare both function and class components with help from TypeScript. Finally, you’ll learn how to use TypeScript types with React hooks. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of how to use TypeScript and React together to build modern React web applications in a type-safe way.

About the author

Mat Warger is Principal Consultant at Farsight Software. He enjoys learning new concepts and has leveraged this curiosity in positions ranging from startups to the enterprise over the past 15 years. He can be found chasing the latest and (sometimes) greatest in a wide range of languages and platforms, including React, TypeScript, GraphQL, and the cloud. Find him speaking at a conference near you or on twitter @mwarger.

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