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Choosing a React Framework

by Anthony Alampi

This course will teach you how to compare different React frameworks by using primary categories of criteria and selecting which one is best for your web project.

What you'll learn

There are many different React frameworks to choose from, and it can be a struggle to choose the optimal one for your use case. In this course, Choosing a React Framework, you’ll learn to compare and select React frameworks for web projects. First, you’ll explore the different kinds of available React frameworks. Next, you’ll discover which kinds of criteria frameworks can be compared by, and how each one stacks up. Finally, you’ll see how the most popular frameworks compare to one another. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of React frameworks needed to choose the best one for your web project.

About the author

I'm Anthony Alampi, an interactive designer and developer living in Houston, Texas. I'm a former professional video game developer and current design consultancy owner with over 17 years of programming experience and over 9 years of design experience. User-centric design is my passion, and I believe that when users come first, they come back! About My Company: X Factor Consultants is a digital design and consulting company based in The Woodlands, Texas. Our cross-disciplinary team consists of... more

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