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Implementing Forms in React 17

by Nitin Singh

This course will show you how to implement forms using Formik, perform sync and async data validation, create reusable custom form elements, and implement uncontrolled components using React Form Hook.

What you'll learn

Forms are the primary mode of collecting user input on web apps. In this course, Implementing Forms in React, you will learn to create forms for your web app that are not only performant, user friendly, and consistent but are built using components that are reusable and have rock solid data validation.

First, you will explore how a basic form works with Vanilla React and how to manage its state and handle user input. You will also see how to create a form using a library called Formik to avoid writing a whole lot of boilerplate code that is needed when using Vanilla React.

Next, you will explore adding sync and async data validation to your forms using the various mechanisms provided by Formik and how to create custom self-sufficient form elements that can be reused across screens in your app to provide that consistent look and experience to the end user.

Finally, you will learn how to implement uncontrolled forms and alternative ways of implementing forms that rely solely on uncontrolled components like the React Hook Form library and what advantages that brings.

When you are finished with this course, you will be very comfortable creating forms in React that can not only support a wide variety of user inputs but are smooth, consistent, and air tight when collecting data from the user.

About the author

Nitin is a full stack developer with over 10+ years of experience developing world class apps and SDKs that are used and loved by millions of users. He is currently working on creating the first Remote Job search engine at Remote Only Engineers:

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