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Building Real-time Apps with React,, and RethinkDB

by Hendrik Swanepoel

This course will teach you how to develop real-time applications using React, Node.js,, and RethinkDB in a manner that will make the knowledge transferable to any other real-time stack.

What you'll learn

Think about your favorite apps that you use on a daily basis. Chances are that most, if not all, will have some form of real-time functionality. This also means that you, as a developer, will benefit from learning how to build real-time features for the products that you work on. In this course, Building Real-time Apps with React,, and RethinkDB, you'll get a solid introduction to the stack used in the course, but more importantly, the patterns required to build real-time apps. First, you'll acquaint yourself with and how to get it connected to a component in React. Next, you'll learn how you can use RethinkDB for data persistence and publish/subscribe. Finally, you'll explore how you can handle failover scenarios when dealing with a real-time stack. When you're finished this course, you'll have a solid understanding of the patterns involved when working on a real-time stack and how to overcome common real-time challenges.

About the author

Hendrik kicked off his career in 2000 installing MS Outlook on PCs in coal mines throughout South Africa. Seriously. He had to wear a hard hat and everything. Luckily he got his foot into the door at a company that allowed him to play around with code. At a desk. Without a hard hat. In his day job Hendrik is a full stack coder from Cape Town, but at night he is a closet designer - meaning, a graphic designer too scared to share it with everyone, not someone that designs closets. For a large part... more

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