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Reading and Writing Data with Ruby 2

by Raphael Alampay

This course will teach you how to read data in various formats from an internal or external source using the Ruby programming language. It will also teach you how to represent data programmatically and save it to a file for later use.

What you'll learn

Processing data from a third party provider in JSON or CSV format is essential for communicating with other systems and representing complex information. In this course, Reading and Writing Data with Ruby 2, you’ll learn to read and parse data in JSON and CSV format using Ruby’s standard library and interact with various sources that make use of these formats including local files and information returned by web services. First, you’ll explore how data is structured using either JSON or CSV including where one format is used over the other. Next, you’ll discover how to read and write JSON and CSV data to and from a local file and how it is represented natively using Ruby’s data types. Finally you’ll learn how to apply processing of JSON data using Ruby by interacting with an actual web service. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of reading and writing data with Ruby needed to create applications that process data from a file and interact with third party services that use JSON to represent data.

About the author

Raphael Alampay is the co-founder of Cloudband Solutions Co., a software development and consultancy company that caters to custom based software for SME around the globe. Using time and tested technology such as Java, Ruby on Rails, Python, PostgreSQL and Linux, he has a passion for creating applications that solve real world problems making businesses more efficient and innovative at the same time. His craft in software is largely based on the philosophy of "kaizen" which means continuous impr... more

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