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Developing a Real World Application With Kendo UI

by Keith Burnell

In this course you'll learn how you can use Kendo UI to build real world web applications.

What you'll learn

Since the dawn of developer tooling and frameworks 99.9% of demos and tutorials have focused on doing flashy things that are rarely applicable to the types of applications that the majority of developers create. In this course you'll see how you can use the Kendo UI JavaScript toolset to accomplish all the things the typical line of business application needs to do from a UI perspective using HTML5 and Kendo UI… and along the way we may even add some of those flashy things too

About the author

Keith is a Senior Software Engineer with Falafel Software. He has been developing software since 1999 specializing in web-based solutions primarily using the Microsoft stack. He has been a Microsoft MVP in ASP.NET since 2012. Keith is an active member of the developer community who speaks regularly at local and regional user groups and developer events as well as at national and international conferences. He has been featured multiple times in MSDN magazine and has authored courses for Pluralsig... more

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