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Recording and Managing Excel 2016 Macros

by Pratheerth Padman

In this course, Recording and Managing Excel 2016 Macros, we will learn how to develop and edit macros in Excel, which will help us automate a whole host of tedious and time-consuming tasks.

What you'll learn

Unbeknownst to most people, a whole lot of our daily tasks performed in Excel can be automated. In this course, Recording and Managing Excel 2016 Macros, you will dip into the world of Excel Macros and VBA, which will help you do exactly that.

First, we'll see what macros are in Excel and how to go about creating and editing them. Next, you'll learn how to manage these newly created macros and their configurations, which include enabling and disabling macros, copying macros between workbooks, and renaming and deleting macros.

When you're finished with this course, you'll have fundamental knowledge about macros in Excel and the ability to create simple macros.

About the author

Pratheerth is a Data Scientist who has entered the field after an eclectic mix of educational and work experiences. He has a Bachelor's in Engineering in Mechatronics from India, Masters in Engineering Management from Australia and then a couple of years of work experience as a Production Engineer in the Middle East. Then when the A.I bug bit him, he dropped everything to dedicate his life to the field. He is currently working on mentoring, course creation and freelancing as a Data Scientist.

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