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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Booting and Runlevels

by Nigel Poulton

Get under the hood with booting and runlevels in RHEL 6 - BIOS, GRUB, kernel, and init. This course contains all the theory and hands-on demonstrations required to make you comfortable customizing and troubleshooting the Linux boot process.

What you'll learn

Whether you're new to Linux or needing to know more about booting and runlevels, this course is designed to get you right up to speed with booting and runlevels in RHEL 6 and its forks. The course provides extensive theory and extensive hands-on demos, culminating in the final module with an all-out-war against systems that won't boot. In the final module, we take everything we've learned from the previous modules, and put it to test by fixing broken Linux systems. By the end of this course you will have extensive knowledge of the Linux boot process.

About the author

Nigel is a popular figure in the tech industry, best-known for his videos and books on container technologies. He is currently a Docker Captain and spends most of his time working with Docker and Kubernetes. Prior to working with container technologies, Nigel has done everything from changing backup tapes and resetting passwords all the way up to designing and managing large-scale solutions in some of the most demanding corporate environments in the world. Nigel is also passionate about his fami... more

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