Redux 3 Saga

by Daniel Stern

Redux Saga is a fast-growing library with over 9,000 stars on GitHub. It lets you rapidly create asynchronous apps using a new tool called ES6 Generators. In this course, you'll learn about Redux Saga, ES6, testing, effects, and channels.

What you'll learn

The basis of any good, modern Redux application is the ability to orchestrate asynchronous calls to outside APIs, while working with the mostly synchronous language of JavaScript.

In this course, Redux Saga, you'll learn the skills you need to vastly improve your Redux application performance and development time. Throughout the course, you'll be building a non-trivial shopping cart application, where users can add or remove cart items, see shipping and tax totals, and check out, all while keeping state synchronized with the server.

First, you'll delve into Redux Saga, its uses and origins, and how it fits in with other Redux middlewares.
Next, you'll explore nearly ever Redux Saga effect, each illustrated with an example.
Finally, you'll discover Redux Saga channels, testing, and other advanced topics.

By the end of this course, you'll have the necessary knowledge to build a whole application using Redux Saga.

Table of contents

Course Overview

Course FAQ

What is Redux Saga?

Redux-saga is a redux middleware library that lets you create asynchronous apps with ES6 Generators. It makes it easier to handle the side effects in your redux apps.

What are the main benefits of redux-saga?

Redux saga makes application side effects:

  • Easier to manage
  • More efficient to execute
  • Easy to test
  • Better at handling failures
What will I learn in this course?

You will learn the necessary knowledge to build a whole application using Redux Saga, including:

  • Sagas and asynchronous ES6
  • Redux Saga effects, channels, and testing
  • How to orchestrate asynchronous threads
  • How to handle Ajax requests
  • How to execute concurrent API requests
  • How to test Redux Saga applications
  • Much more
Are there any prerequisites for this course?

Before taking this course you should have a strong understanding of JavaScript, Redux, and React.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to write better applications with fewer lines of code through Redux Saga. If you want to rapidly accelerate your career by learning in-demand skills, this course is for you.

About the author

Daniel Stern is a coder, web developer and programming enthusiast from Toronto, Ontario, where he works as a freelance developer and designer. Daniel has been working with web technologies since the days of the dial-up, and is especially keen on JavaScript, CSS, Angular, React and TypeScript. Over the course of his work as an open-source developer, he's created many community-standards web tools including Angular Audio and Range.CSS. His tool, Range.CSS, was featured in a guest article on CSS-T... more

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