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Refactoring from Anemic Domain Model Towards a Rich One

by Vladimir Khorikov

Building bullet-proof business line applications is a complex task. This course will teach you an in-depth guideline into refactoring from Anemic Domain Model into a rich, highly encapsulated one.

What you'll learn

Having a rich, highly encapsulated domain model is essential if you want to succeed in building building bullet-proof business line applications. In this course, Refactoring from Anemic Domain Model Towards a Rich One, is going to show you how to properly implement it. First, you'll cover why Anemic domain is an anti-pattern and its relationship to functional programming. Next, you'll learn about encapsulation and how to achieve it in your domain model. Finally, you'll touch on some important refactoring techniques. By the end of this course, you'll understand practical techniques that will help you recognize this anti-pattern in your code base and refactor it into a bullet-proof one.

Table of contents

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About the author

Vladimir Khorikov is the author of the book Unit Testing Principles, Practices, and Patterns: He has been professionally involved in software development for over 15 years, including mentoring teams on the ins and outs of unit testing. He's also the founder of the Enterprise Craftsmanship blog, where he reaches 500 thousand software developers yearly. He started as an adviser on general programming topics, but lately has shifted his focus to unit testing with a central ... more

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