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Refactoring to SOLID C# Code

You’ve learned SOLID and Refactoring; now put them together! This course will teach you how to apply refactoring techniques to improve the design of an existing application, using SOLID principles as a guide.

What you'll learn

Legacy code is often difficult to maintain and extend. In this course, Refactoring to SOLID C# Code, you’ll learn to apply refactoring techniques guided by SOLID principles. First, you’ll explore a small application that wasn’t written to follow SOLID. Next, you’ll discover ways to improve the design using specific techniques. Finally, you’ll learn how to assess and test the resulting code. When you finish this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of refactoring and OO design principles needed to improve and maintain legacy .NET applications.

Table of contents

Course Overview
Assessing Legacy Code
Refactoring Legacy Code to Follow SRP
Refactoring Legacy Code to Follow DIP and ISP
Refactoring Legacy Code to Follow OCP and LSP
Assessing and Testing SOLID Code

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