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Look Development with Substance Painter and RenderMan 21

by Miguel Lleras Villaveces

PBR is the current standard for rendering. This course will teach you the basics of doing look development on Substance Painter 2 and then bring all the required textures to be rendered. Software required: Maya 2017, RenderMan 21, Substance Painter 2

What you'll learn

Have you ever wanted to create realistic materials? If so, this course is for you. In this course, Look Development with Substance Painter and RederMan 21, you'll learn how to do look development in a more realistic way. First, you'll discover how to properly export the geometry between Maya and Substance Painter. Next, you'll create and paint the textures for your objects on Substance Painter. Finally, you'll get a basic understanding on how to connect your exported textures to the PxrSurface material. When you're finished with this Substance Painter and RenderMan course, you'll not only understand how to create beautiful materials, but also will have a very strong work flow to work your own look development. Software required: Maya 2017, RenderMan 21 and Substance Painter 2.

About the author

Miguel Lleras Villaveces is a lighting artist and compositor with experience in animated feature films and VFX.

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