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Jul 12, 2015
2h 6m

In this course, we shall use the natural medium paint program ArtRage 4. 5 to recreate various materials. ArtRage operates with a different philosophy from most other paint programs. I hope, with the techniques shown here, you will be better able to paint such materials with effectiveness and efficiency. This program has been available for several years and has matured into a very powerful and unique program suitable for either fine art or industry level production art. Ambient Design is a New Zealand based software development company specializing in the design and development of creative products for a range of users from consumers to professionals. The company was founded on after the founders left MetaCreations in January 2000, and since then has worked on a wide range of products from graphical plugins to internet applications and commercial painting software. ArtRage 4 represents a fully matured painting and illustration program capable of the most sophisticated paintings suitable for high quality print and digital output. It's suite of tools and brushes can replicate nearly any type of traditional art and it's 32/64 bit rendering engine is coded for extreme efficiency. ArtRage is available on multiple devices and multiple platforms. It's ability to record and play scripts cross platform make it a unique and powerful art tool. Software required: ArtRage 4.5.4.

About the author
About the author

Victor Osaka is a popular and seasoned digital design educator and photographer.

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