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Responsive Style Guide and Pattern Library Creation in Axure

by Sandra Gonzalez

Responsive design will give your users the best experience. This course will teach you how to use Axure's widget library to create different kinds of responsive components, like buttons or logos, for all kinds of devices. Software required: Axure 7.

What you'll learn

Designing responsive components that adapt to any device's display is important to providing the best user experience. In this course, Responsive Style Guide and Pattern Library Creation in Axure, you'll learn how to create responsive components for mobile, tablet, and desktop, wrapped in an Axure widget library. You'll start by creating a widget library to match your brand typography, then move onto other brand elements. Next, you'll cover how to make other components such as checkboxes, buttons, grids, and dropdowns, even looking at how to make them touch-friendly. Finally, you'll learn about other important advertising elements and how to make your navigation responsive for your user. By the end of the course, you will have a solid understanding on how to prototype any component required to create a responsive style guide and pattern library. Software required: Axure 7.

About the author

With a dual degree in Engineering and Education, Sandra also has extensive knowledge in developing curriculums for clients such as NASA, GE and Scholastic. Sandra has been previously endorsed by Axure for her successful efforts leading Axure meetups and full-day workshops in London and Madrid. She has often been referred as an Axure evangelist thanks to her in-depth experience as an educator and her unique approach to teaching Axure.

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