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Resumes, Job Seeking, and Interviews in Context

by Robbe Morris

In this course, you will learn advanced resume and interview tactics. Specifically, how to influence the interview, answer tough questions, deal with bias, and negotiate a starting salary.

What you'll learn

This course demonstrates how to influence job interview questions via the wording of your resume. It will also show the IT professional how to write a single resume designed to target many different audiences ranging from recruiters, job search engines, human resource assistants, hiring managers, and other IT professionals.

About the author

Prior to starting his .NET consulting firm Equals Solved, Inc., Robbe spent most of his career writing sophisticated TCO and ROI analysis applications for the IT research firms Gartner Group and Alinean. His firm currently supports the Seminole County Sheriff's Office in Sanford, FL. Robbe has been a Microsoft MVP in C# since 2004 is the co-founder of the popular .NET portal He also runs the popular fishing charter portal

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