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Storefront, Curtain Walls, and Curtain Systems in Revit

by Evan Anderson-Decina

This course will cover all you need to know about Curtain Walls and Curtain Systems in Revit.

What you'll learn

This course will give detailed descriptions about how Revit Curtain Walls function. We'll learn about curtain panels and mullions, both out of the box and customizable. We'll learn about the variety of mullion times, how to model and draft specific complex glazing geometries. Finally, we'll learn about curtain systems in Revit and how curtain walls and adaptive component patterns work in those curtain systems.

About the author

Evan is a registered architect who has worked in architectural firms for over a decade. His proficiency in 3D software led him to be an award winning designer before leaving college, producing high quality renderings that enabled his creativity to standout above others. Evan truly appreciates the workflows and processes of utilizing BIM and 3D design software and believes harnessing those tools creates better design. He has been a Certified Revit Professional by Autodesk since 2012. When not in ... more

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