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Revit: File Management Techniques for BIM Managers

by Kory Cox

This course will introduce you to some best practices and actions you can take to help keep Revit files working at their performance potential.

What you'll learn

Revit models get fast. As that complexity grows there are increasing opportunities for errors and file corruption. Users take shortcuts to create quick geometry, download questionable content from the internet, and insert myriad cad imports all in the name of efficiency. File size slowly creeps up and performance takes a beating until the file becomes complex completely unworkable. Perhaps to the point of being unable to even open the file.

A properly managed file will never reach this point of failure. This video series is about the management techniques that can help you keep your Revit files in good health so that your team never notices a dip in performance.

About the author

A born and raised Utahn, Kory discovered Revit in 2003 and has never looked back. His passion for Architecture began in high school where he took home 4 gold medals from state competitions and went to national 3 times in three years. This background enabled him to start work in Architecture right after high school and he continued working through his undergrad in Business Management at Wesminster College, Utah and then took two years off to travel and to study Architecture at Oxford Brookes Univ... more

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