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Revit MEP Essentials: Family Creation Workflows

by Travis N Beecher

This course in intended to help those individuals who are creating their own Revit families. Whether it is the BIM manager to the engineer doing their own modeling. Software required: Revit 2016, AutoCAD 2016.

What you'll learn

Are you still getting vendors that only supply AutoCAD files for their families? Or did you find that one off vendor that is creating their components in Inventor? Or better yet you want to manipulate the out of the box families to fit your needs? Well in this course, Revit MEP Essentials: Family Creation Workflows, you'll learn how to create native Revit families using the MEP connectors. First, you'll take that 2D AutoCAD drawing and convert that to a Revit family. Next, you'll take the Inventor file through the BIM exchange so you can use those files and save them as a RFA file. Finally, you'll also learn how to export the family types into a catalog to keep the file size down. By the end of this course, you'll have a great grasp of how to navigate and create your own content for your projects. Required Software: Revit 2016, AutoCAD 2016.

About the author

I graduated from ITT in Murray Utah in 2001. My first job was with Spectrum Engineers in SLC Utah where I started doing lighting design. From there I started doing mechanical HVAC and piping design work. My first Revit project was with Revit MEP Systems in 2006. In 2010 I was invited to go back east with Autodesk and participate in what was called the Gunslingers program. I am now a Senior BIM Engineer with Cn3D Construction. Taking plans from CD's to fully coordinated for installation.

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