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RF Fundamentals for Wireless Networks

by Andrew Crouthamel

Wireless technology is here to stay and is growing faster than ever. This course will teach you the basics of radio frequencies, standards, how to handle interference, and how to choose appropriate antennas.

What you'll learn

Wireless technology is pervasive and growing at an ever-increasing rate. In this course, RF Fundamentals for Wireless Networks, you'll learn foundational knowledge of wireless technology. First, you'll learn about radio signals and modulation. Next, you'll explore radio frequency standards and how to handle interference. Finally, you'll discover how to choose the proper antenna for a certain requirement. When you're finished with this course, you should feel comfortable reviewing wireless device specification documents, and diving into the rest of our courses on wireless technologies.

About the author

Andrew started out in IT working an Assistant Computer Technician position for a school district, blowing dust out of lab computers all summer; barely making enough to pay for gas to get to work. Since then, he has worked for a number of different organizations, some of them well known. He knows what it is like to start out in IT from the bottom up and uses this experience to help students learn the best way possible, offering some nuggets of wisdom on real-world IT along the way.

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