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Dec 9, 2013
3h 28m

In this tutorial, we'll learn how we can take a modeled character and prepare it for animation. We'll begin this process by using MODO's skeleton tool to build a hierarchy of joints throughout the body. As we build our skeleton we'll learn how to fix the orientation and alignment of joints along with some basic knowledge of parenting. Once we've constructed our skeleton we'll learn how to bind it to the mesh and explore some of the weight painting tools that can be used to edit the influence our joints have on the geometry. Following this we'll dive deeper into rigging our character by learning how to apply inverse kinematics, locators, constraints, and control surfaces along with other cool tools and features to provide our character with the functionality it needs for an animator. Finally, we analyze the functionality of our rig and fix any issues that may have occurred. After watching this tutorial you'll be ready to begin rigging your own characters with more confidence while having a lot of fun. Software required: MODO 701.

About the author
About the author

Kurt is a design tutor at Pluralsight. Ever since he could hold a crayon, Kurt has been in love with drawing. Apart from his dedication to training artists at Pluralsight, Kurt has an extensive background in illustration. He has previously worked for a book publisher, as well as Rhythm and Hues Studios. It was through his extensive industry background that Kurt learned the way of the Wacom, and that the Pen tool is truly mightier than the sword.

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