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Testing Ruby 2 Applications with RSpec

by Xavier Shay

Learn how to use the popular RSpec suite of libraries (core, expectations, and mocks) to test your Ruby application.

What you'll learn

In this course, we will be testing a simple command line card game using RSpec. We'll cover the core three libraries: the first module covers the core syntax and command line runner core, the second the expectation library for expressing rich assertions about your code, and the third covers mocks, a powerful tool for specifying collaborations between objects and getting useful design feedback. The final module places RSpec in the wider Ruby ecosystem, looking at the major RSpec versions and common patterns you'll encounter in the wild. In addition to covering the technical aspects of using RSpec, we'll also cover best practices for using them so you get the most out of your test suite: different types of tests, what kinds of things to test, when different styles are appropriate. This is applied in numerous worked examples.

About the author

Xavier has been on the startup scene for over a decade, and is prolific in the open-source community. He is on the RSpec core team and is Rails contributor. Lives in Melbourne, Australia.

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