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RSpec the Right Way

by Geoffrey Grosenbach

This course will teach you how to write human readable, executable documentation for your code with RSpec.

What you'll learn

RSpec is about writing human readable, executable documentation for your code. The process of writing RSpec examples can improve the quality of your implementation code. It can help you understand new frameworks by formalizing your expectations about how they work. As a side effect, you'll get a test suite that verifies the correctness of your applications and helps you avoid writing new bugs into the system. This video series starts by teaching you the basic RSpec syntax and the best ways to use it, and then moves on to intermediate topics such as mocks, stubs, and error cases, and then adds Ruby on Rails into the equation, covering factories, code organization, and running tests quickly.

About the author

Geoffrey founded PeepCode and has created numerous courses on Ruby, JavaScript and Shell. He commits code at

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