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Ruby Beyond the Basics

by John Cinnamond

Ruby is easy to get started with but its behavior can quickly seem cryptic. This course shows you how Ruby really works and gives you the tools to understand any Ruby code.

What you'll learn

This course is about three big ideas in Ruby: object-oriented programming, functional programming, and metaprogramming. Understanding how these ideas are implemented in Ruby, and how they can be combined, will unleash the full power of the language.

About the author

John is a freelance developer and agile coach based in south east England. He started programming two years before his birth and since then has been unable to put a computer down. John has been working with Ruby since 2006, after many years spent wandering the wilderness as a sysadmin, perl, and occasional C developer. When not writing code, John organizes the Tunbridge Wells Developer Meetup in his hometown, gives talks at conferences, and thinks about things in too much detail.

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