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Ruby 2: The Big Picture

by Paolo Perrotta

This course is a quick introduction to Ruby, one of the most useful and fun programming languages around.

What you'll learn

There are plenty of programming languages around–but for many programmers, Ruby is special. At first, it seemed to come out of nowhere, taking over the world of web applications with frameworks such as Ruby on Rails. But Ruby isn’t just for the web: it’s a great all-purpose language, perfect to write scripts or process data.

In this course, Ruby 2: The Big Picture, shows you what Ruby looks like–and what makes it unique. First, you'll look at Ruby from 10 miles high, examining its strong and weak points. Next, you'll view snippets of Ruby code. Then, you’ll see why so many developers are in love with this weird language from Japan.

After watching this course, you’ll know enough Ruby to answer one all-important question: is this language for me, and why should I learn it?

About the author

Paolo Perrotta is the author of "Programming Machine Learning" and "Metaprogramming Ruby". He has hundreds of articles, conference speeches and training deliveries under his belt. He developed software in domains ranging from automotive to healthcare, large-scale web sites, and computer games.

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